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Other Continental laces

Brugge Flower lace

The first picture is from patterns worked on a course I attended, the second set are from a book.

Chrysanthemum lace

The pattern for this bookmark is in   CHRYSANTHEMUM LACE BY Cathleen Belleville.  This book is back in print but the only place I can find it is via Amazon in the USA, this is edition 4 which has been printed by the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale, their website also links to Amazon to purchase the book.  This link will take you to the page on

The first pattern above is based on one of the patterns in KLEINE SCHUCKSUCKE IN CHRYSANTHE-TECHNIK by Hildegard Glos.  The Other two patterns are from this same book.  The books Publisher is Barbars Fay Verlag and is available direct from Barbara Fay’s website if you are unable to purchase from local lace suppliers. The YouTube video below shows you how to work the pivot pin in the heart pattern above

Chantilly lace

The samples shown here were all worked in Chantilly Year 1 at the Kantcentrum in Brugge which was taught by Lieve Pollet.  Looking forward to year 1 in 2018!